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Efficient & Gentle Extractions in Manassas

senior couple hugging outdoorsSince 2011, Dr. Eunice Song has offered gentle extractions to alleviate pain and enhance oral health. At Peony Dental, our mission is to provide you with an aesthetically appealing smile that you can take pride in. Our dentist constantly keeps your best interests in mind and strives to deliver a stress-free, simple experience. We're proud to support the extraction needs of residents of Manassas, Manassas Park, Ashton Glen, and the surrounding areas.

Whether you're suffering from a severely decayed tooth or have suffered a dental emergency, we have the skillset, experience, and technology on hand to provide prompt assistance. Our dentist takes the time to thoroughly evaluate your situation and devise a treatment plan that suits your needs. To best support you, we can explain this treatment in English, Spanish, or Korean. We want to help protect your smile, so give Peony Dental a call today to schedule your appointment with our friendly team!


Why Would I Require an Extraction?

If possible, we strive to use treatments such as root canal therapy to preserve your natural teeth. Doing so maintains your dental structure and alignment. However, you may consider having one or more teeth extracted for several reasons. Reasons for having a tooth extraction in Manassas include:

Treat a dental accident: If you or a loved one suffers a sudden dental emergency, our goal is always to preserve your teeth using treatments such as bridges or crowns. If a tooth has undergone severe trauma and sustained deep vertical cracks, we may recommend an extraction.

Remove overcrowded teeth: If you're considering an orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign®, it may be necessary to extract one or more teeth to free up space for alignment. By leaving substantial room for your teeth to move, the odds of a successful orthodontic treatment increase markedly.

Remove impacted teeth: When one of your adult teeth fails to emerge above the gum line fully, we call it an impacted tooth. A tooth may not erupt correctly if it comes in at an angle facing another tooth. When we remove an impacted tooth with an extraction, we help prevent long-term damage to adjacent teeth and protect the alignment of your smile.

Treat severe periodontal (gum) disease: Over time, gum disease can substantially affect the health of your jawbone, gums, and structures supporting your teeth. As gum disease progresses, it can cause your teeth to gradually become loose. If you're suffering from complications related to gum disease, we may recommend an extraction.

Prepare for dentures: Partial or complete dentures are an excellent option to restore the function and appearance of your smile. If you're considering dentures, it may be necessary to remove one or more teeth so that your prosthetics can be placed. We'll discuss whether traditional dentures or implant dentures are most suitable for you.

Remove substantially decayed teeth: If you have a tooth that's experienced significant decay, it may not be possible to save it with root canal therapy. If the infection has reached the tooth's center, or pulp, we may suggest an extraction to keep the infection from spreading. Our dentist carefully assesses your tooth to determine whether it can be preserved with root canal therapy or if an extraction would be beneficial.

What Happens After My Extraction?

We offer multiple restorative treatments to smoothly replace missing teeth and enhance the appearance, health, and function of your smile. Depending on the number of teeth removed and your aesthetic goals, we can provide you with a dental bridge, dentures, or an implant-supported restoration. Our dentist discusses the options available to you before beginning the process, so you know exactly what to expect following your Manassas tooth extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

young man with tooth painIf one or more wisdom teeth lack the space necessary to grow and develop, an extraction may be in your best interests. Leaving an impacted wisdom tooth in place can lead to infections, pain, alignment issues, and long-term damage to adjacent teeth.

Our team uses cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to get a precise image of your teeth, gums, and jaw. By examining the exact angles and position of your wisdom teeth, we're able to confirm whether they're impacted. If extraction is recommended, we begin planning out the steps of your surgery. We use the digital images generated by the CBCT scan to make sure the arteries and nerves in your jaw aren't harmed during the procedure. Our dentist removes the tooth, clears any debris from the extraction site, and places a few stiches if necessary.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about the extraction process to help set your mind at ease. Our team is readily accessible, and we want to provide you with the resources necessary to make the best decisions regarding your oral health. Dr. Song is committed to providing a safe tooth extraction to enhance your well-being and preserve your smile.

Your Reliable Manassas Extractions Team

An extraction may be the ideal solution to protect your dental health. Dr. Eunice Song guides you through the entire process, taking care to address your concerns and make the treatment as streamlined as possible. Contact Peony Dental today to schedule your Manassas tooth extraction with our team!


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